Dear friend

We are inviting you to join as members to fight against problems agriculture faces today and suggest solutions which can economically and ecologically sustain farmers. We need your support to help us in our efforts to work for change from present practices ? which will help our family and next generation.

NOFA needs your support to continue its work. NOFA must be strong, both intellectually anf financially. We need the support of friends like you who believe that what we are doing is important; friends like you who can give us their encouragement, time and money to spread our message.

NOFA today is a voice and respected independent institution in AP which has established credible alternatives. But the challenge of sustaining agriculture is very big and growing: every day, every year We are therefore, asking you to become a friend and supporter of NOFA. And with your support and sponsorship we will be able to meet this challenge.

Your support will help the long-term financial sustainability of NOFA

Membership Fee:

Farmers: Regular Member: Rs.50/- Annual

Farmers: Life Member: Rs.5000/-


NOFA will organize this transparently and share the details and progress with the donors regularly.  Donations can be for a specific activity/village/family or leave the choice to us.

Please send your donations in the name of Natural Organic Farmers Association or
Mr.Prasad RK Chukkapalli or call +919849624311.


Natural Oraganic Farmers Association
40-1-10, MG Road, Labbipet
Vijayawada ? 520010, Andhra Pradesh, India; +919849624311